Announcing Xiaomi Firmware Updater website V1!

The new website is now online, completely re-written from scratch.

Xiaomi Firmware Updater website since the creation of it had some minor issues like homepage table loading and mobile view compatibility.

Fortunately, I have got a good time to work on the website update, and this time I recreated it from scratch. However, I’ve used the same template as before to keep the familiar look and feel.

Here’s what’s new:

Complete re-created from scratch using HTML 5, CSS 3, JS, Jekyll, and Bootstrap.
Cleaned home page, no more tables. There’s a select box where you can choose download type and device.
Support for downloading Firmware, MIUI ROMs, and Vendor packages (thanks to mi-vendor-updater).
With this update, every device will have its download page, no more conflicts.
New archive pages for all downloads types, you can access it from device latest downloads page.
RSS feeds for releases and new posts, check RSS.
Better navigation bar in PC view and mobile view as well.
New pages for downloading latest firmware, vendor, and MIUI releases.
New pages for checking supported devices.
Blog: new pages for archive and categories.

Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to tip us!