Here is one of the tips on how to change the database collation

There was a time that i want to change the file name but not only 1 or 2 files, it a lot of files and placed on several directory

I haven’t paying attention to the Pydio latest version, just receive the comment and said that the Pydio has new version

I have a server, serving a web services and someone was trying to use my server for sending a spam mail.

Have you ever experience that your WordPress site notify you that there was an update needed, but when you visit the update pages, there was nothing in there?.

Gagal upgrade Windows 10 – error code 80240020

There’s a way to do it better – find it.

Apakah sepeda Anda layak jalan? Pertanyaannya simple, tapi ini penting buat Anda, pengguna sepeda yang mau berkendara jarak jauh maupun dekat. Ingat, keselamatan adalah hal utama, dan harus di utamakan.