Xiaomi Firmware Updater Changelog 4 – New supported devices, new projects and more!

Welcome to Xiaomi Firmware Updater’s changelogs, where we go over changes in the last weeks and announce some updates about next steps.

Our last changelog was in May, during this long time many things happened in the project and Xiaomi world as well. Let’s start:

No More Global Beta

Xiaomi has decided to end the public beta program for all Global devices, including the devices that don’t have a Chinese variant like Pocophone F1 and Redmi Note 6 Pro. This is sad news for Xiaomi community, as many users have been using the weekly ROMs for a long time.

Also, this means there’ll be no Global firmware updates by us :( Please switch to latest Global Stable firmware for your device once a new update comes out. If you have a Chinese device or don’t have a problem with using Chinese firmware on your global device, you can flash weekly china firmware which will continue to release.

MIUI Public Downloads Scraper

I have written another handy script that scraps Xiaomi MIUI ROM links from downloads website and generates JSON files. And as usual, it’s written in python3, means it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Check the new tool here. And feel free to contribute to the code.

MIUI Stable ROMs Archive

Imagine having all MIUI Stable ROMs downloads of every single Xiaomi device in one place!
That’s what I tried to do some days ago, and here’s the output: A giant archive of all MIUI Stable ROMs for all devices in JSON files. Available as separated files for each codename and as one merged file for all devices.

Check it out now! Here. And feel free to report any issues or missing devices, it’s still beta :D

A front end of these files will be added to the website later.

Xiaomi Firmware Updater Main Script Changes:

New: Added the following devices to stable: Redmi K20/K20 Pro – Mi 9T/9T Pro – Mix 3 5G – Redmi 7 India – Mi 9 SE Global – Redmi 7A – Mi CC 9/9e
New: Added the following devices to weekly tracking: Mi 9 SE
New: Add MTK devices: Redmi 6 – Redmi 6A – Mi Play
Change: Drop Redmi Note 5 Pro from non-ARB firmware devices
Removed: All EOL devices
Removed: All Global Beta devices

MIUI Updates Tracker Changes:

New: Added the following devices to stable tracking: Redmi K20/K20 Pro – Mi 9T/9T Pro – Mix 3 5G – Redmi 7 India – Mi 9 SE Global – Redmi 7A – Mi CC 9/9e
New: Added the following devices to weekly tracking: Mi 9 SE
Updated: Mi 6X – Redmi Note 5 Pro – Redmi 6 Pro – Redmi 6 – Redmi 6A tracking to P
Improvement: Unify different messages templates
Improvement: Add region to notify message
Improvement: Compare file natively
Improvement: various code cleanups and optimizations
Bug fix: broken discord links
Bug fix: wrong region in message
Removed: All Global devices have been removed from weekly tracking because of the reason above

Xiaomi Flashable Firmware Creator Changes:

All of these changes are included in version 1.4.1 of the tool.

Bug fix: take the base name only of a zip file when a full path is supplied – by @ubiss
New: Exclude vbmeta and splash files form created firmware files
New: Exclude dtbo as well form created firmware files – by @krasCGQ
New: Add MTK devices support
Improvement: use regex for getting device codename form updater-script
Improvement: various code cleanups and optimizations

Check the new update here. And feel free to contribute to the code.

Telegram Chat Bot Changes:

“Uranus” the all-in-one chatbot that provides useful services for Xiaomi users on Telegram has got plenty of new features:

New command: /specs – gets device specs from GSMArena
New command: /vendor – gets device firmware + vendor zip flashable files
New command: /codename -tells you what is the codename of a device
New command: /eu – gets latest Xiaomi EU ROMs downloads a device
New commands: /twrp – /of – /pb – gets a device latest custom recovery downloads from TWRP/OrangeFox/PitchBlack
New commands: /guides – /unlockbl – /tools – /arb
Bug fix: crashing specs module when no device info found
Bug fix: fake codename is not found messages
Bug fix: wrong Xiaomi.eu downloads for some devices

Check the new changes here.

Available commands here.

The source code of this bot is available on GitHub repo, contributions are more than welcome!

Support XiaomiFirmwareUpdater project

XiaomiFirmwareUpdater is a one-man project that has been expanded to support 60 devices now. Maintaining a huge project like it, in addition to other services like @MIUIUpdatesTracker, tools/scripts like Xiaomi Flashable Firmware Creator, website, and other things is not a simple task. It requires a lot of efforts, time, money, sleepless nights, and strenuous perseverance.

If you want to support the project, you can donate using PayPal: https://paypal.me/yshalsager
Or for continuous support be one of our special supporters on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/XiaomiFirmwareUpdater

Thanks for all supporters, who keep this project moving forward! ❤️

That’s everything for this time, and see you soon in the next changelog!

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